Eco Prize is idesly suited for smal communites and educatona institutions. The program offers basic services tailored to fit the package. ensunng it meets the specie needs of these group
$ $50,000 / yr
  • up to 500 participants
  • up to 5 organizer
  • up to 2 Event / month


Eco Jackoots an exocuent it for sma owns and te. onal coucarora institutions. It is desoned to cater specitically to the needs and dynamics ot these communtes
$ $300,000 / yr
  • up to 2,000 participants
  • up to 20 organizer
  • up to 4 Event / month


Eco Prize is well-suited for use in local communties and munic partes, ousianod to alian with ther socate noods ano envronmental codis.
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  • up to 10,000 participants
  • up to 100 organizer
  • up to 10 Event / month

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