EcoPrize adds fun and meaning to the mechanical and repetitive task of collecting recyclables. It encourages you and your acquaintances, along with various other participants, to motivate and compete with each other in the collection of recyclable materials.

EcoPrize goes beyond one-off, ineffective recycling campaigns and events. It is a sustainable environmental activity and Recycle management system deeply integrated into daily life, aiming to restore the environment more effectively and rapidly than any other method.


EcoPrize Mobile App

The EcoPrize mobile app allows you to access and participate in EcoPrize events throughout Canada via the EcoPrize mobile app. You can also check it your acquaintances have won, share the excitement, and support each other.


Collection Bag
(May Vary Slightly Per Event)

Each EcoPrize collection bag is assigned a unique code and is made from the same material set for collection in the event, ensuring it does not add an extra sorting step in the recycling process. The bags are environmentally friendly and tailored to the purpose of the event.

Scanning the QR code with the unique code on the Collection Bag automatically registers you for the event, assigns you a ticket number for the draw, and lets you check the schedule. Most importantly, it provides information about the recyclables that need to be collected and submitted in the Collection Bag. The submitted Collection Bags are entered into a draw after the submission period, and you can check the status of your Collection Bag’s entry in the EcoPrize app.


EcoPrize is a mobile app that promotes recycling by allowing users to scan QR codes on recyclable items, particularly focusing on soft plastics. It gamifies the recycling process, offering incentives to encourage sustainable behavior.

EcoPrize focuses on soft plastics, like plastic bags, wrappers, and packaging films. But it can be any recyclable material.

Use the 'Scan' feature in the app to scan QR codes on recyclables. The app will automatically recognize and log the activity.

EcoPrize is available in select areas. Check the app or website for geographic availability.

The app uses encryption and secure servers to protect your personal information.

Restart the app or contact technical support for assistance.

EcoPrize is primarily for individual and community use. For commercial inquiries, contact us directly.

Go to 'Profile' > 'Settings' in the app to update your information.

Report issues through the app or contact customer service.

Participate in community recycling events through the 'Events' section in the app.

Go to 'Profile' in the app or contact support to deactivate or delete your account.

Share achievements through the app's 'Share' feature on social media platforms.

Ensure the code is clear and undamaged. If issues persist, contact support.

Winners are selected based on recycling activities, adherence to guidelines, and random selection.

Use the 'Feedback' feature or email info@ecoprize.ca

Get involved as a volunteer through the 'Events' section in the website.

The app features resources and tips on recycling and sustainable living.

EcoPrize helps reduce waste and promotes eco-friendly practices.

Report any app issues using the 'Report a Problem' feature or contact technical support.

Customer support is available. Contact details are in the app.

Find events on the app's home screen dashboard by clicking 'upcoming event' or searching by community center names.

Scan the QR code on the event bag or check the event details in the app for specific recyclable collection items.

Winnings may be disqualified if the bag contains unsuitable materials or if contamination is severe.

Contact the event organizing association ILS for a reissued bag.

Purchase additional bags from the event organizing association ILS.

Winners are announced in the app. Redeem prizes by authenticating the code in the app at the event site, via email, or at the association.

Collect prizes within 15 days from the end of the event. After this, the redeem code becomes void.

Deleting your account results in the loss of event history, winning records, and participation benefits. You'll need to start over with a new account.

Check the event's details in the app or contact the event organizers for information.