Official Game Rules

  1. QR Code Scanning and Ticket Accumulation:
  • Users must scan QR codes on recyclable items using the EcoPrize app to earn digital tickets. Each item recycled earns the user one ticket.
  • Special recycling events may offer bonus tickets to encourage participation.

  1. Item Eligibility:
  • Only items with an EcoPrize QR code are eligible for ticket earnings. This includes a wide range of recyclables, with a focus on soft plastics and other materials highlighted by local recycling guidelines.
  • Users are encouraged to check the app for a regularly updated list of eligible recyclables.
  • QR codes associated with recyclable items must be scanned within the EcoPrize app environment only. Manipulation or duplication of QR codes for fraudulent purposes will lead to immediate disqualification and potential legal action.

  1. Contamination Limit:
  • To qualify for prize drawings, the contamination level in a user’s recycling batch must not exceed 5%. Contamination is defined as non-recyclable materials mixed with recyclable materials.
  • Contamination assessments are conducted through random audits at recycling centers. Users selected for audits will be notified via the app.

  1. Event Participation:
  • Participation in EcoPrize events requires pre-registration through the app. Events may include community clean-ups, educational workshops, and recycling challenges.
  • Tickets earned during events are automatically added to the user’s account.
  • Each participant is limited to one account. Attempts to create multiple accounts for the purpose of ticket accumulation or other fraudulent intentions will lead to permanent exclusion from the EcoPrize initiative.

  1. Prize Redemption:
  • Tickets can be used to enter prize drawings. The number of tickets required for entry varies by prize.
  • Winners are randomly selected from the pool of entries. Each ticket increases the chance of winning.
  • All prize redemptions will undergo a thorough audit to confirm compliance with EcoPrize rules and eligibility criteria. Discrepancies or fraudulent activities detected during the audit will void the redemption and may lead to legal repercussions.
  • At random intervals or upon prize redemption, participants may be required to submit photographic or video evidence of the recycled items, showcasing their condition before recycling and the QR code scanning process. Failure to comply or submission of fraudulent evidence will result in account suspension.

  1. User Responsibilities:
  • Users are responsible for ensuring the recyclables are clean and sorted according to local recycling guidelines.
  • Improper recycling practices, including the deliberate inclusion of non-recyclable items, may result in account suspension.
  • Participants are responsible for maintaining the security of their account credentials. Sharing accounts for the purpose of inflating ticket counts is prohibited. Participants must notify EcoPrize immediately of any unauthorized account activity.

  1. Edge Cases Handling:
  • In cases of technological failure (e.g., QR code scanning errors), users can report the issue via the app for manual ticket allocation.
  • Disputes over prize drawings or contamination assessments are handled by the EcoPrize support team, with decisions made based on evidence and fairness.

  1. Feedback and Improvements:
  • Users are encouraged to provide feedback on their recycling experience and suggest improvements via the app or at EcoPrize events.
  • A reporting mechanism within the EcoPrize app will allow participants and third parties to report suspicious activities or potential fraud anonymously. Prompt investigation and appropriate actions will be taken based on the reports received.

  1. Legal Action:
  • Rule Adjustment: EcoPrize reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or entities involved in fraudulent activities, including attempts to cheat the system, counterfeit QR codes, or any action that undermines the fair operation of the initiative.

  1. Changes to Rules:
  • Rule Adjustment: EcoPrize reserves the right to modify these rules at any time to address emerging fraud trends or to enhance security measures. Participants will be notified of significant changes through the app or via email.

Maximum Contamination Level:
– The maximum acceptable contamination level is set at 5% to ensure the quality of the recyclable materials and to promote diligent recycling practices among users.

Handling Edge Cases:
– Technological Failures: Provide a clear process within the app for users to report issues. Support team response times should be swift to minimize user frustration. – User Disputes: Establish a transparent dispute resolution process. Users should be able to submit evidence or arguments regarding their case. A dedicated team should review disputes, ensuring fairness and consistency in decisions. – Unexpected Circumstances: In case of events like natural disasters or pandemics, EcoPrize may adjust rules or provide leniencies on a case-by-case basis. These adjustments should be clearly communicated to all users via the app and email notifications.